DotA – Shadow Fiend Movie Trailer By G-LittleBrother

Wah apaan lagi nih dari WoDotA :< , Shadow Fiend Movie ? 😮 WOW Keren! Film seperti apakah nih ? saya juga tidak tau!!!! Tonton saja Trailernya terlebih dahulu agar mungkin tau film apa ini ?!

Klik more untuk Melihat Trailernya

Aduh langsung aja ya nonton trailernya

wah kayaknya seru juga nih dan untuk info infonya silahkan baca dibawah ini ( masih dalam bahasa inggris ) :

Trailer for the New Project by G-LittleBrother! Who recently accepted our invitation to WoDotA!

People who wants to be a part of this video please Email G-LittleBrother with ur Nevermore – Shadow Fiend replays to,

also make sure u mention the following details:

*Warcraft Version: Eg (1.23, 1.24, etc….)
*Map Version: Eg (6.73b etc…)
*Time and Location of Scene: Eg.( at 19minute, near sentinel bottom 1st tower etc….)
*A Small decription of the Scene: Eg (Sf blinked and dodged stun from VS and did 3 raze to kill him, sf was with 10hp, etc….)


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********************************* (less info)

Filmnya pasti seru nih !

Terima kasih sudah mengunjungi blog ini

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